The All-Star Country Tribute Show.

Hi, and thank you for considering us for your event! We’re attempting to simplify the booking process and combine our offer sheet and our booking contract into one simple, easy to sign and return document that helps us better understand the offers made, the details we need to know, and assist in filling your dates.

Whether booking for a concert, club, casino, cruise, corporate, private or other event, we hope this  feature help simplify the process of booking us. 

The question we always get is, “how much do you cost?”, and the answer is a bit more involved than the question. The details you provide will help determine that price. 

Based on costs, production needs, travel, accommodations, etc, and ultimately your budget, we can far more easily understand the economics in the proposal and work from there.

The process for the forms below, is as follows:

* Choose the "Nashville Legends Live!" artist(s) you want to book

* Please fill in some details of the engagement.

* Please fill in the offer for Compensation: (whether Gross Flat Rate or Minimum Guarantee with Percentage of ticket sales.)

* Please sign, date, and return the forms.

* Please include a couple pics of the stage, the load in, and as much of the production gear as possible. It's ALWAYS helpful to know more about the actual performance specs.

When an acceptable offer and available date is returned, we will quickly countersign and return to you, secure the booking and add it to the calendars! It's that easy!

If the date is unavailable or we need to discuss more details, we will quickly be in contact to find an alternate date, discuss the best ways to make the engagement work for both of us, and seek out a way to work together to fill the booking.

If interested, we’d be thrilled to invite you to download the forms, fill in the blanks, make an offer, sign the documents, and return with pics to: 

complete production details, stage plots, technical needs listed here:

If you have questions or need more info, contact us by phone or email at:

(615) 933-6638

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and NLL Entertainment Group
Nashville, Tenn 


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