downloadable stageplot, input list, mix sheet, rider and additional production details below.


1. kick

2. snare

3. hi hat

4. rack tom

5. rack tom

6. floor tom

7. Ride

8. O.H. Right

9. O.H. Left

10. bass (Di)

11. guitar 1

12. acoustic 1 (Di)

13. guitar 2 (Di)

14. acoustic 2 (Di)

15. gtr1 vocal-stg right

16. bass vocal-up center right

17. drum vocal

18. Lead vocal- downstage center

19. gtr2 vocal-stg left

20. Backing track (Di)

21. Click Track (Di), (in-ears mix only)

*total of six Di boxes

*prefer 5 separate monitor mixes in wedges if possible, and one separate in-ear mix.

General Production Details and Requirements:

for more information, download complete tech rider.


1. Stage must be cleared of any excess equipment prior to Artists' arrival.

2. If venue is outdoors, stage must be protected by sun, wind and rain.

3. If stage is upstairs, please provide additional crew to assist with equipment.

4. The recommended minimum stage size is 24x16X2.

5. Please provide one carpeted 8x8x1 drum riser or larger, suitable for stage size.


Minimum of five separate 20 amp, 120 volt outlets are needed. Accessible to band according to stage plot. Should be separate from lighting system.


A professional FOH sound engineer. Engineer must remain present for entire show.

A Professional, quality system with sub-woofers, mixing board that can accommodate at least 24 inputs, in good working order, capable of reaching 100db SPL peaks in the back seats of venue, free of noise or distortion. Must provide standard Outboard Effects (i.e., Reverb, Hall, Limiter, Compression, etc.), and 5 individual monitor mixes, one in-ear mixes.

*6 DI boxes as indicated on stage plot

*Minimum of one wireless hand held vocal mic, (2 recommended).

Stage Lighting Requirements:

Lighting provided by Purchaser is required for all indoor performances. If performance is outdoors and scheduled to begin or end after sun set, stage lighting is also required.

The lighting is to be of professional quality, and capable of brightly illuminating each member's primary on-stage position, with colored wash. Follow Spot for lead vocals or front of stage uplights required.

*Qualified lighting technician(s) when lighting is provided.

Accesses, Load-in and Setup Time:

Allow up to 3 hours for unloading equipment, setup and sound check.

Free and clear access [no stairs] for loading and unloading equipment. If a load-in has stairs, an elevator must be available or the purchaser must provide extra personnel (at no cost to artist) to assist in loading and unloading. Loading and backstage areas to be clear of all vehicles, equipment prior to load-in and load-out.

BackLine, for fly-out dates. Delivered to stage at or before load-in:


Pearl or DW Maple Shell Professional Series DRUMS:

* 22" Kick w Legs.

* 14" Snare.

* 12" and 14" mounted Tom with Mounts.

* 18" Floor Tom w Legs. (16"/18" Double Floor Tom welcomed)

* New EVANS drum heads / batter and resonance

Zildjian or Sabian or Paiste - professional series cymbals:

* 14" HH 

* 15˝ and 18˝ Crash

* 17˝ and 19˝ Crash 

* 20" Ride 

Provide all Hardware and drum throne

Pro Mark 5B drum sticks

Guitar Amps (3 total):
* ONE 2x12 Combo, Peavey Classic 50, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, or equivalent.

*Two Peavey ValveKing Combo amps, 1x12 (or 2x12) at least 50 watts, or equivalent. 

Bass Amp:
* Ampeg SVT CL 300 watt head / SVT610HLF cab at 4 Ohms equivalent or better. 

***Please acknowledge by phone or email that backline and tech info were received. 

(615) 933-6638

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